Download 2016 4 year old kinder application form

Malvern Early Learning and Childcare Centre's long day care program for four year olds incorporates a sessional kinder program taught by a fully qualified kinder teacher. 

 Our curriculum is play based and emergent, which means it is largely based on the children’s interests and strengths. We believe children learn best when experiences and activities are meaningful to them. By supporting and extending their interests and strengths, children develop confidence, curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Educators are also encouraged to introduce new ideas to provoke inquiry, imagination and investigation. We are constantly observing, documenting, analysing and reflecting. Therefore we can plan specific experiences relevant to your child’s learning and development. We also assist children with any skills that may need developing; the objectives of the program include preparation for a seamless transition into Prep in 2017.


We are holding our annual Kinder Open Evening on Tuesday 21 April, 6.30-7.30 pm.  This event is intended to provide you detailed and important information about Kindergarten and allow you the opportunity to explore and ask questions to better understand our approach.