MELCC being a not for profit centre means we rely heavily on fundraising for support, but it also means that our fees can be lower!

Families are encouraged to be involved with the centre contributing their time and skills- anything from helping to organise a tip day, cleaning up the shed, a parent tradie that helps us fix the floors or a web designer that helps us maintain our website! These contributions are structured around a Working Bee system, where families help contribute to the centres', and thus their childrens', success. These are also great opportunities to get to know the MELCC community, educators, staff and families alike. Families in the past have told us they like this because it contributes to the family-style aspects of the centre - getting together and working towards a common goal and building a better environment for your children - while also growing relationships and support networks between families.

We have four main fundraisers a year -parent night, a childrens' event, Bunnings' sausage sizzle and an end of year celebration. 

We advertise with social media and like to put up lots of posts and photos of whats going on in the centre to attract attention and enrolments, and also to send you some photos and a smile as well! (Only for families who wish to of course!)

We ask that families get active and participate in sharing grant initiatives, voting, earning stickers or any other fundraising that might be done throughout the year. 

If you wish to get involved please contact our fundraising coordinator Brodie Miles at