Malvern Early Learning and Childcare Centre (MELCC) provides children, families and the community with a welcoming, warm, nurturing and stimulating atmosphere.Children feel safe and supported in our open and aesthetically pleasing environment. They are free to be themselves and develop to their full potential.

Educators recognise the importance of a child’s growth and development in their early years. Our play-based approach puts children’s interests at the forefront. They have access to open-ended, meaningful, interesting, natural and challenging resources that allow them to have long periods of genuine, uninterrupted play. Children develop skills, knowledge, feelings and dispositions through play that build a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

Educators provide a holistic curriculum that is intentional, inclusive, responsive, purposeful and thoughtful. It helps children to develop a disposition for learning and to respect resources and each other. We incorporate environmental messages and sustainability in daily practices to provide children with the foundation to care for their world. Educators maintain professional practice by ensuring our “image of the child” is one of a capable, curious, independent, knowledgeable, resourceful and unique individual.

We are active advocates for the rights of the child at MELCC and the wider community. We prioritise each child’s best interests and acknowledge that all children have a voice in their decisions.

All children are individuals. They have their own way of learning and exploring their world. Educators value this individuality and shape learning to allow each child’s personality to show. Principles of equity, diversity and social justice are respected and reflected in our practice. We celebrate and recognise differences in our children, families and community, enabling all children to develop as well-rounded individuals.

We value partnerships with families and work together to maximise a child’s potential. We treasure and build reciprocal, trusting relationships between children and their families and understand the significance of their culture, beliefs and values.

Educators are recognised and valued for their individual strengths and abilities. They critically reflect, research and improve on their knowledge, ethical responsibilities and theory of practice through ongoing professional practice and evaluation. By doing so, they demonstrate best practice and create a conducive and dynamic environment for all children.

Educators, Committee and Families contributed to the development and review of the centre philosophy, reflecting our belief in open communication and inclusiveness.