The Toddler Room has 8 positions per day for children aged between 1.5-3 years of age with two educators, including a Diploma Qualified Lead Educator and a Cert III Co Educator.

The Toddler Room follows a play-based emergent curriculum and the children have the opportunity for self-selection as resources are available for children to access anytime. Intentional teaching moments happen throughout the day to extend on the children’s interests and learning. The routine is flexible and progressive meals are provided so children can engage in long periods of uninterrupted play. Indoor/outdoor play is continuous throughout the day.

In the Toddler Room we focus on the children’s self-help skills, sense of agency, communication, resilience, understanding and learning to regulate their emotions. The children also learn about respectfulness in relation to their belongings, resources, each other, nature, animals and the environment.

Toddler Room marks the beginning of your child's exploration with project work, which are activities where children's interests are extended upon. Some of the project work in the past has ranged from sushi making, planting succulents or shaping clay to be baked in the oven, all extending from different topics.

We understand the great diversity in children's interests and try to create areas where they may engage in solitary or group play depending on their inclination. 

Hansol Kim is the Lead Educator of the Toddler Room and Wendy Fitzsimmons (10+ years at MELCC) is the Co-Educator.

My daughter shared so many of her first milestones with her friends in the ‘toddy’ room, from eating together, to talking, playing side by side and toilet training. It was reassuring to be able to experience that together with the other families and educators.
— MELCC Parent


My son loved the trip to the zoo with his lil buddies and dress up week!
— MELCC Parent